Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gurrier Du Senegal

This is the first color test figure of the Bolt Action Senegalese, which will form the backbone of the French army.

The Tirailleur Senegalaise will be riding in Laffley transports and Lorraine Carriers.

There are a few uniform elements that I am hoping to be able to capture, but we shall see if the sculpts allow that...

Stay tuned for much more!!

Blood Brother

Here's one more peek at the last of the Dark Eldar Grotesques.

Just as with the previous versions, a lot of experiments were conducted.  Among these were some blood effects, where I combined Reaper liner paints and clear paints with Secret Weapon water effects.  This made even the much darker blood colors a little more transparent, but also more like a gel.

Balancing all these new blood effects with the use of the fluorescent paints for the first time was also very entertaining!

You can see a preview of one of my Painting Pyramid video series here.  This episode, called "Bloody Mess", covers a variety of techniques which I learned: