Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Flower Power

Next up from Infamy Miniatures... it's the Flower Girl!

She and her tiny buddy are yet another amazing sculpt from a great line of miniatures.  Incredible little details everywhere, but not hard to assemble at all!

They also have some incredibly dynamic poses.  This little girl is quite typical.

Clearly, she likes to play in the puddles!!  Be sure to buy a flower from her.  Or else.

Big Axe... Bigger Gun!

You have all seen those pictures of the spectacular Raging Heroes Dark Elves.  They have a pretty broad range of figures already, including, Empire style figures, Demonettes, forest spirits and even giant orks!!

I used this figure for the Shaded basecoat painting video, since he had a nice variety of surfaces... flat, angular, armor, weapons, and so on.

These views give you a peek at the base, which is a favorite 40k style for me.  I made a video on how to create this Blasted Concrete base, along with otehr sci-fi bases, which are available here:

He's also here: