Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Fortress Shall Rise

This post begins a series on what went on during this year's Adepticon.

On Wednesday morning, we headed out to the convention with a vehicle filled with all manner of paints, brushes, minis, lights... even a presentation camera!  

That afternoon, the great staff of Adepticon appeared, and in no time at all, Fort Wappel was created out of nothing.

I tried to create my own setup to maximize the potential for "spot demos", where someone (or a few someones) could watch what I was doing.  This would be the case several times.

Primarily, I figured that I would be demonstrating how to use oils, such as the Mig AMMO paints and the Wilder oils.  I had prepped some Counterblast figures from Patrick Keith to show how you can get dramatic color combinations very easily with the slow drying oils.

These were also done as a bit of a step by step preview that I was going to do for Lyn Stahl, but they were helpful in other demos as well!

After a few minutes of discussion about the use of the oils, in terms of what acrylic techniques would have to be left behind, etc., and a few minutes of painting myself, Lyn put some colors on the palette and went to town!

Right off the bat, she liked how she could blend right there on the miniature, with no worries of something drying, or water marks.  She began taking advantage of all that oil paints can offer...

And POW!  In a mere 25 minutes, she proudly displayed her new superpower!

Here's a few quick images of her Libby by Hasslefree Miniatures.  Congratulations to Lyn for doing some amazing things in no time flat.

It's not easy to take on a brand new medium, especially one that is essentially the opposite of acrylics.  I have the advantage of years of 2D oil painting, but she did not, many kudos!!!