Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One more dose of the 'flat'

Here's a few more 'old timey' art pieces for you.  There are a few of my favorite spacescapes here, including "Arc of the Heavens".  I had a ton of fun with this piece.

"In the Shadow of Olympus".  This was the first of what was going to be a series of images of a long since terraformed Mars.  I love my architecture and astronomy, and this was a fun way to combine them!  I could not resist doing a coastal skyline scene, given how much time I spent gazing at my own Chicago skyline.

"Chaos and Creation".  I have actually painted this scene a few times.  I enjoy painting crater scenes such as this, with the way the lights and shadows play on the surface.

I originally painted this as a watercolor.  Years later, I scanned it, and went into photoshop.  The background was reworked entirely in photoshop, while the dragon was manipulated extensively as well.

This is another sketch of a Reaper Miniature.  I have only gotten an opportunity to do a few drawings in this manner, starting from a neutral grey piece of paper.  Typically, I am working with a white piece of paper, and adding only dark shading.

Since I am already provided with a 'middle tone', I can bring out the white colored pencil and do the highlights!!

Old Timers

Here's a batch of Lord of the Rings elves that I painted years ago.

These are the elves of a previous age, which I don't think I have used in an actual game thus far.

I don't think the stat lines are all that different from the Galadrhim elves, unless the defense value is different.

At some point I will have to give them a try!

In both cases, the unique armor shapes were fun to paint!