Monday, March 11, 2013

Some more views of the fortress

Here we have the rest of the images that I shot of the fortifications with the Grey Knights inside.

Eventually, I would like to get some images of this in the various setups.  This can make two separate installations, or one very long wall.  

I think the antenna will probably be a stand alone piece that can bet put inside the fort.  I am still making the bolters that go in the corner sections.

Here's one of those corner spots.  It will be able to rotate.

The lascannon fixture will go here:

I am very curious to see how this works in an actual game ;-)

Perhaps this week!

Dark Sword mage.. I think

Since I have been getting a lot of these 'old time' figure identities incorrect, I will say that my guess is she is from Dark Sword.  I now recall that Dennis had a unique way of sculpting cloaks as well as the hair :-)

There was a very specific method of how the folds were done, and this is a really good example!