Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pork Chops

Here's another Mierce Miniatures figure painted with oil paints.  I painted it mostly in a Facebook live session, with a link here:

The oils allow for much more "on sight blending", which means that I can slap some paint on the figure and mix it right there... not necessarily making a specific mix on the palette and bringing that back to the figure surface.

The base is a typical Bark and Branch method.  I have a live session on that as well:

As with the other oil painted figures, I did some finish work on this guy with regular acrylics.  In essence, I am trying to use the oil paints as a souped up Shaded Basecoat technique.  

I work on many figures at once, and being able to use the much slower drying oils means that I can bounce around from figure to figure while the paint stays workable.  While wet palettes can keep the paint wet there, it will dry very rapidly on the figure itself.

So, using these oils let me work on massive amounts of smaller figures at once, or even several very large figures!

I am hoping to show this multiple figure technique in a Facebook live session.  Those are primarily funded by the Patreon page, so any contribution there is very helpful for making those happen is very helpful!