Wednesday, June 19, 2013

They don't sell this at Home Depot...

Time for some Demonic Marble!  This would make a lovely addition to any kitchen area...

It's also pretty handy for miniatures!

Skulls everywhere... lots of fun!

It was interesting doing this on a base that was not meant for a chariot, or some other member of my Tomb Kings army!

I have always liked this color scheme.  If there is time, I will try to add a second smaller base with a different color set. :-)

What do Uglies want on their birthday?  CAKE!  And so do I.  I cannot wait for my cake a few hours from now.  No candle wax, though!

Sculpey time!  For the last several days, as I have been working on the miniature aspect of the videos, the basing part of it has proceeded as well.

There was a big day of baking sculpey, among other things.  Your hands get quite a workout converting 3 pounds of raw sculpey into various shapes for baking!

I needed thick pieces the most, but those take a little longer to make, since you can't just put them through the extruder.  You have to be much more careful about how you are rolling it out, since you can make it uneven very easily.

You can mitigate that by putting a few "spacers" for your roller, but that also limits the size of the piece you are making.

Time for the toaster oven to kick into action.  It was a bit warm that day, so I was glad to have a way to bake the clay without heating up the kitchen even more :-)

After a day of curing, the clay is put to use.  Lots of bases, for all sorts of videos.

Sci-fi bases, fantasy, marble, cobblestone, concrete and more!

Many more have been created since...