Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back to basing... painting up another Nurgly base.

These bases are always fun to make!

Some rust, some slime, and you're good to go!

More goodness from Raging Heroes: Girl power for my Dark Eldar

Today we have some more Raging Heroes miniatures that I will be using for my Adepticon Dark Eldar army.  Many of you read my earlier reviews on the latest resin Raging Hereoes, which have been remarkable.  It is actually very hard to find the mould lines (if there are any!)  

The resin is very solid for figures that are relatively skinny (unlike a certain other company's product).  I was also amazed at how interchangeable the weapon arms are.

This is a second squad of Vestals (Wyches) that I have been working on.

You can put the arms into almost any pose.  It is pretty ingenious the way that joint is crafted.  In many ways, it is more flexible than the multitude of plastic arms from the regular kit.

There is a shardnet/impaler option, which you saw on the other squad.  I have the figure on the right set up with an agonizer (also included), but razorflails and gauntlets come with them as well.  Neat!

This figure, also from Raging Heroes, will be my Archon. 

This one is metal, but all the pieces fit together very easily.  Once again, mould lines are hard to find!

I forgot to snap a picture of all the extra bits, like the two alternate heads, weapons, and back piece.  It is very customizeable.  I will use those extra bits on a regular GW Kabalite warrior to make an Archon.  I'll post that later today...