Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Forest Ranger

This Stug kit is from Warlord Games, and a rare non early war vehicle for me!

Here's a link to the original kit on the Warlord site:

I used oils to paint this, as I have on most of the recent tanks.  

I have 3 different Stug kits, with a plan to make them for 3 different theatres... Normandy, North Africa and a winter version.

While the extra armor can be a little finnicky and fragile, it was definitely worth trying it out!

I really wanted to have the side skirts on this version, because I knew that experimenting with foliage was the plan!

Here's the plan in action.  I had a collection of leaves that I had punched from real leaves using the Green Stuff World leaf punches.  Those leaves were set on some realistic branch foliage from Woodland Scenics.

I even used a few tufts of the Hangar 18 leaf foliage.  That helped to provide a "transition" from the Woodland Scenics to the bigger leaves.

This was photographed on the green backdrop to see just how well it blends in... to see how successful my camo really was!  It's kinda scary to see that it really does!  Now you see me, now you don't!