Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Aw Rats...

Sorry this is late, folks.  Dead computers, Lots of craziness.  Had to fin d a machine that would let me install Photoshop 7.0, etc.

These guys have been waiting for a while for paint, and now they have it!

This is the first from a unit of 5 Ratlings.  They really do have a lot of character for little guys.

It was a little difficult to prep these guys, since they were one big hunk of metal.  In way I am glad that they are, since it makes the little buggers very strong!!!!

Hand into fist

One more time!  I think you can see the weathering a little better on this guy.  It had to be done, since there were so many casting issues!

Even with lots of resculpting, there was just too much to attempt a 'pristine' painting job on these terminators.