Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Forging a new Metal

This was an experiment that really yielded some amazing results!  We had the Vallejo Metal Medium sitting around forever, but had never found a purpose for it  When I tried it out on the Sauron miniature from Lord of the Rings, it was even better than I had hoped!

Fast forward several months, and you have this video that I made for the Patreon Page and the Geek Nation class at Adepticon this year:

You can see what the final results of that experiment looked like here:

I also tried that out in a Facebook live session, mixing even more colors with it to see what it could do!  Here's a link to that video:

In this instance the effect was much more simplified and muted, because it was part of the Geek Nation class that I taught at Adepticon this year.

The most helpful property of the Metal medium is the way it can lighten the color that you mix it with.  This provides you with the ability to shade you new metallic paint, which is normally very hard to do without losing the metal effect or  shifting the color as you try to lighten it.

I am still amazed at how many uses there are for this material.  Originally I was just going to use it on the blackened steel on the rifles and machine guns of the Bolt Action figures, but it proved to have so much more potential right away.

You can see that and many other experiments on the Patreon Page here: