Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Foxy lady...One more Stonehaven dwarf

Here we have one more entry from the Stonehaven Dwarf line!

This is Elia Morningstar, dwarf Druid.

Elia Morningstar tries to do her best to the point of being overly critical of her mistakes.  Elia is clean and tidy and is visibly unnerved by those who are not.
Elia travels with the fox Starling, and anyone else whose motives she trusts.

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Harrow Boarfell, dwarf Huntsman

Once more we delve into the realm of the Stonehaven dwarves with Harrow Borafell.

Harrow entertains himself by attempting difficult tasks.  Whether it is taking the impossible shot, or tracking impressive game, Harrow is sure to inform others of his success!

In a pinch, Harrow is quick to act.  His reflexes have saved his hide more than once.