Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jail House Rock!!

Ah, you could hear the strains of The Man in Black as I opened this package.  It's the latest creation of Lathan of Burn in Designs fame.

This is the newer, bigger jailhouse!

Here are your plates... you can see the outer walls, supports, doors, cells, and so on.

I did some dry fitting of the parts to see just where everything would need to go.  Obviously, I want to paint as much as I can prior to assembly!!!

More on the painting in the next post.

Remember how I said to save those extra bits?  Just like 40k kits, I save everything.  Never know when you need to make more charging platforms!

I am getting more of a feel for how I want to approach the painting...

The wooden roof supports sticking out of the adobe...

A very quick dry fitting of the exterior.  It's a very nice size, and the flat roof means lots of guys could climb up there if need be.

You will want to mess around with the cell pieces a bit, so that you memorize how they all go together once they are painted!

With just a few pieces of tape, I have the interior dry fitted.  Four cells... I suggest using the plus that is included if you are going to have all four in this configuration.

Lathan always tries to have options for you!

Time to attach the beds in the cells.

Glued in place, using a WWX mini for scale.

Remember those extra bits?  They come in real handy right about now :-)

Four cells, four bunks!

The next few posts will show how I prepped this for painting, and then the process of painting itself!

Stay tuned!

Why do I think rib eye steaks?

The ever watchful Eye of Balor makes sure that I am not tempted to turn this guy into tasty dinner!  Marinated steaks... yummy cows.

Once more from Mierce Miniatures, another Minotaur.

I have a beastman coming up, so you will get an idea of scale.