Sunday, March 20, 2016

Forest Pals

This Galadhrim elf has a little buddy with him.  I think it's a bit from the GW Dryad sprue.  I think I might have to try to find more of those bits, because nearly all of my LOTR elves had some sort of Dryad bit on the base.

It was long before I had the bark and branch method, however!  Still, it would be neat to have some of the forest sprites to mess around with.

The basing was definitely more simply done on these figures, as time was a major issue.

I was trying to get them all done for the Bilbo's Bash tournament, which was achieved!

Stabby Samurai

My favorite aspect of creating Blood Bowl teams is the theme that each team is based upon.  Not only can you do lots of fun conversions in the process, as has been done on my Celtic team, and Samurai Orc teams, but you sometimes find fun miniatures from other ranges too!

These little Gobbos are from Clan Wars, an older line of figures.

Not only are the sculpts perfect for the Samurai theme, they also have some humor to them, thus making it ideal for a turn marker or score marker on the pitch.

These "Coaching staffs", as they are commonly referred to, can greatly enhance a team.  You only have to look at other franchises I have done... the Tundra theme Chaos Dwarf, the Mimes of Moria, and the OrcKids female Orc Blood Bowl teams to see what I mean.

Be sure to check those out in the blood bowl section of the blog!