Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another Forgeworld Character

Here's one of the latest FW kits, this time joining the rest of the Imperial Fists!

I had to create a handle for the sword, as the original one was non-existent.  That was a good thing in the end, since this one will be much stronger and durable! :-)

Next up... more basing!

Side by Side...

As I was working on some other stuff, like the painting green video and gold/brass, I did a few strokes of paint on the Sisters.  Here is another color test figure!

This time around, I did the freehand designs as well, along with some blue woad on the face.

Here is a size comparison with the Raging Heroes Kurgonava Sisters which are part of  my combined I.G./S.O.B army.

The base is roughly the same height here...

Obviously, the GW figure is more bulky, but that is how all GW figures are when compared to everything else.

The Uglies throwing a Birthday party for me yesterday!

World War Z? Using your corpses for Zombicide

Attention all you Zombicide lovers!  Secret Weapon is releasing something you will love!

Yes, that new sack 'o corpses is just the trick to make your fatties, walkers and runners the bomb.

I had some fun here adding a few of the corpse bits to this Zombicide test figure.  It was a practice session for the Raging Heroes Gluttony that I posted the other day.

It really makes the base pop.  I think these will be fantastic as objective markers as well, or to scatter around on your Zombicide boards...