Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Lady Killers

Here's a gathering of the deadly Reaper fighters!  I like to take these sort of group shots of figures that are not part of a unit, army, etc.

In this case, it is even more pronounced, since there are three different styles of basing.

The common element between all of them is the muted greens and browns.  However, a very bright teal color was incorporated into all of them... Reaper Mint Green.

While that color by itself is very intense, once it was mixed in with complimentary colors, it was very easily toned down.  This provided color unity, and allowed me to use the Mint Green for metal accents.

It's also a fun catalogue of hair colors!

This gives you a better view of the bases.  Well, more ladies are on the way, so stay tuned!!!

Skull and Sorcery

This is another one of those figures that you run across which has been hidden behind something on a shelf for years.  A little while ago I finished off this half painted figure from Dark Sword Miniatures.

In addition to having fun with the marble and the object source lighting, I treated myself to a touch of freehand.

I thought that the curved lines of the freehand would help pull the veins of the marble up into the cloak, adding some interest.

These types of details are much easier to accomplish when you have finely sculpted and cast figures, which Dark Sword will always supply.  That's why they are a favorite of mine! :-)