Thursday, August 31, 2017


Here you have it!  The entire group of six dinosaurs!

As I have mentioned over the series of posts, these presented some very unique challenges.

As for the colors, the task was to take some very grey/brown paint jobs and give them more life.  I really had to dig down into my own thought process and whatever reference images that I could find.

I have no problem doing these kinds of colors on fantasy figures, such as my Lizardmen, but I have been fed the same kind of "traditional" color schemes since I was a kid, and I kept wanting to paint them in those very same colors...

To help free up my own mind, I painted these while I was painting fantasy style creatures, such as dragon men, etc., to force myself to see them in that manner.

It did help a great deal, especially when I had worked my way through several of the figures, and getting differences between them and avoiding repetition became ever more challenging!