Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eye Khandy: Chariot right 'out of the box'

Here is that "official" chariot I told you about yesterday!  I made no modifications to this... it is exactly as it would come out of the box.

While this one was neat, it was a lot more difficult to paint than my own conversions.  The chariot and the horses were not as "independent" as my own Tomb King converts.  Plus, the weight of all that metal just made it a lot harder to maneuver.

Another factor was how compressed everything was.  In order to make it fit on the 60 mm base, they kinds shoved and squeezed everything together, and that also made it more difficult to deal with.

I also like the shape of the TK wheels, and the howdah itself.

Stay tuned later today, when I post some group shots of the last 3 chariots!