Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Great Furniture sale!

New from Burn In Designs!  Come and get it... new furniture!

Play it again, Sam.

Pull up a chair...

Shall we recline?

Look how comfy that bed is!

Bunk bed.

Feeling safe?  Not even these Outlaws can crack it!!

Frosted Flakes for Dessert?

One more post for you showing some more modification of broccoli bases.

Oxide paste is set down first, to set the pieces of bark like mortar.

This one had far less texture on the original base, which left me free enough to do more than just fill in the blanks.

Mica flakes!  And old favorite returns.

It not only filled in the gaps between bark pieces, it also made a fun leaf texture.  I will be trying out some paper leaves on this one, I think.

A few touches of sand and gravel were just the final touch I needed.

Another Dark Sword figure gets the additional bark treatment.

Four figures, four broccoli bases dealt with!  Time for priming...