Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Converted Grey Knights incinerators

This time I have some images of Converted Grey Knight Incinerators.  The weapons were done in the same manner as the psycannons, using that special grey sculpey.

Here's a regular incinerator for a comparison...

Standard Incinerator:


Scratch built incinerator:

Converted Grey Knights Psycannons

Tonight we have some of my old Grey Knight psycannons that I made for a Purgation squad.  Remember those?

I made the psycannons form a special kind of sculpey.  It is a grey color, and it is an extra firm variety that holds an edge very well.  I was able to form some basic shapes, and then use a razor blade to slice those tubes and elliptical cylinders to make the weapons.

You can see that the marines themselves were also converted.  I had to change the helmets a bit with green stuff to give them more of a Grey Knight look.

I then painted all of them with my slate grey color.

I used to run a whole bunch of Inquisitors in my old Demonhunter army, and each one usually had a psycannon.  This was a fun conversion that I did a few days before another match with Chaos!

Here is a quick view of the base...