Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mountain's Men

I continue to be amazed at the Song of Ice and Fire miniatures, and what you can do with them!

When you consider that they are basically unbreakable gaming minis, having this much fun painting them just seems impossible.  Since the armor is sculpted in a more realistic fashion, you end up with cleaner, smoother lines.  This makes executing Non Metallic Metals much easier..

I didn't want the Mountain's Men to have as much of a shiny look as I did on the Lannister Halberds, which meant introducing more purples and greens into the mid tones of the metals.  As you have heard me discuss many times in my articles and painting videos, purple and green mixed together make a wonderful set of grays.

When those are separated, and placed next to each other, they still register to the eye as a gray, since the eye "blends" them together.

This was an initial color test miniature for an upcoming video tutorial series for the Patrons.  I will be taking on the Mountain's Men unit as part of the Army Painter series on my Patreon Page.  Here's a link to the page: