Saturday, December 31, 2016

From Sketch to Sculpt... and beyond

Several years ago, at our last Games Day, I sketched out this design for a scratch sculpted Heirotitan.   GW hadn't made one at the time (and they never will at this point), so I thought it would be very fun to sculpt my own!

I used a variety of materials to create the sculpt, including the tin foil armature!  Most of the sculpt is made from Apoxy Sculpt, which I really love.  It has all the good properties of green stuf, but none of the bad!  The same for a Miliput comparison.

Here's the original post with more images:

Here's part two of the sculpting process:

I really enjoyed painting this as well... here's a post:

He also had a buddy... a scratch sculpted Colossus!

The fluorescent paints were added to many of the surfaces in order to make the colors shimmer.  Since they entire army was tainted by Tzeentch, that was very important.

This might give you an idea of how massive he was.  I wish that I could have put him on a bigger base, but that's the legal size!

One final look at the Heirotitan.  He was definitely a favorite of the army, and a centerpiece of the story and the display board.

He's also here: