Monday, September 16, 2013

Not a Secret any Longer!

Hey, another super box from Secret Weapon Miniatures just arrived!!!

Inside was some splendid new items... Plinths of all shapes and sizes!

Here are a the designs, broken down into a few categories.  This is the Town Square series.  The edges are all very clean, and the composition of the 'cut' plinths are quite nice!

Here's a round from the same series...

And then we have these!  I already have a few things that will find their way on top of these plinths.  As with everything else, nice clean edges.  No more screwing around with wooden plaques for me!

The Egg Plinth is something I have not seen before.  Perhaps something Eldar should go on that.  The square plinths will be for Stikki Wikkit and Baby Babo, I think :-)

I look forward to using these.  I will experiment with a magnet sheet and some metal to see if that will stay flush... otherwise I will drill out a hole for a RE magnet.

Some general shapes that will do nicely.  I see some Dark Eldar Jetbikes residing on these!

I did this to illustrate how even everything is, with no imperfections.  Plenty of sizes to work with!

Yes indeed.  Whatever size or shape you might need, you will find.

Another shot with the super fancy plinths and the block format.  So, I will proceed with some bases for the tops of these massive plinths!

Actually, I was very glad to see lots of blank plinths.  You know how I love basing... so it will be a blast building up a base to go on top.  I have never gotten a chance to try that out!  This will be very cool.

Thanks again to Justin and the good folks at Secret Weapon Miniatures!!!!

Be sure to check out the new line of sewer bases:

A huge Response...

Well, this might be somewhat anti-climatic after yesterday's WIP images of the Angel of Dominance.  I was a tad but surprised to see that it garnered nearly 6000 page views in 22 hours!

Holey smokes!

Anyway, back to the Response Team.

Not to worry, since there are more images coming of the Angel!!!  Stay tuned!