Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Rumble in the Jungle

As I compile more of the large format Hangar 18 backdrops, I am offered more and more opportunities for these types of "glory" shots, as I like to call them.

I have a new 16 x 23 green/grey backdrop, and I have been itching to have it for a while.  The brown/grey misty backdrop has been great for Wild West Exodus, but it is too desert or wasteland in appearance for a jungle setting.  Also, that backdrop didn't match the hills I had created.

You can see what a nice blend this new backdrop is!!  Perfect!

The next color I need to secure is more of a misty concrete blend that will work for sci-fi shots, or even Zombie invasions!

For now, it is the reign of Saurus and skink!!

This unit always made me very sad.  As most of you who know how I roll dice, you would not be shocked to hear that they went 'stupid' on me five turns in a row in a single game.  A bit like falling down the stairs juggling chainsaws while trying to prevent a nuclear fission cascade while also baking a cake.  And setting fire to a winning lottery ticket.

In any case, it was fun to set up a few of these shots at long last.  Once I secure the greyish backdrop and finish off one key piece of terrain, I will be able to do more 40k style glory shots!

I'm also going to shoot images of the Engines of the Gods, the Temple Guard unit, and the Carnosaur on the new backdrop individually.  There are a few new Lizard monsters under way which will also be very nice in this Hangar 18 backdrop.

Stay tuned, as I show some massed amounts of skinks on the next series of images!  And be sure to check out Hangar 18 photo backdrops...

Orky baby...

Here's a fun Reaper figure!

I was painting this while listening to hours of documentaries about the two sieges of Vienna.  I guess that's why I used so many earth tones... all I heard about were sappers. :-)  That and the Kahlemburg...

She's also here: