Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to our regularly scheduled programming: Extra weapons for the Nurgle Decimator


I think there was some sort of event that we did this weekend, but I can't seem to recall it.  The memories are very fuzzy.  Cathy insists that we were in Rosemont yesterday...

The attempt to catch up on a year's worth of sleep deprivation was only partially successful.  Today is mostly a cleaning day, since I completely destroyed the house in the process.  At least the Gatorade bottles have been tossed away that were rolling around where my feet are supposed to be!

Among the things I have had to reorganize are all my projects.  Those had gotten shoved further and further back on shelves and such as the craziness rose to an all time high.  I am finding all sorts of neat stuff!

I already have 3 vats of Fabuloso filled with Forgeworld parts.  I need to get some more, since I have 3X that much resin to soak this week.

The Dark Eldar and Chaos Dwarfs are coming out of their hiding places, and the LOTR armies are also being organized into 600 point forces.

With Jon kindly donating a new 6th edition rulebook to Wappelville, it means Cathy and I have to see what's going on there.  Eventually I will create a page where people can leave thoughts and advice about an army comprising of massed amount of Reaver Jetbikes and grotesques. :-)  Not sure how that would work yet.

Anyway, here are some final images of the Decimator.  At least this Decimator, since I will be making one for each Chaos God.  Can you imagine what will be sculpted onto a Slaneesh version? Censored.



Here we have the additional weapon arms:



Games Day comes to an end... but does the story?


Well, Games Day has come and gone, and I am still (mostly) alive!  There was some doubt that would be the case, let me tell ya...

Anyway, same bad news to deliver about Armies on Parade, as there is no Joy in Wappelville.  I came in 2nd place.  It was a frustrating experience for a few reasons, but I really don't want to get into that here.  I would be insulting your collective intelligence to say that I was not very bummed about the result.

However, what was truly amazing was the Parade of loyal Wappellians who came up to us all day long inundating me with super positive vibes!  I lost count of how many people took the time to say hi, and let me know that they enter this particular insane asylum on a daily basis (it starts to show after a while, you know).

It was entirely unexpected, and it was stunning.  It felt like each person was walking up to me and handing me a trophy or something.  Fantastic.

A project of the scale of the Tomb Kings is a massive exercise in self absorption.  All you are thinking about is how to finish "my" army to win "my trophy" and so on.  After today, and hearing from so many of you, I felt a lot less guilty that this silly blog was giving other people something cool to look forward to each day (kinda like finding a new package of miniatures in your mailbox!).

I really thought you guys might be bored with it, and say "Enough with the dried out raisin dudes already!"

So, since you are gluttons for punishment, here is what is coming your way...

More Tomb Kings.  Yup, you heard that right.  Since this is my new army, I need a bigger variety of units to select from.  I also have to rework the army so that it is more tournament playable (right now it is completely unplayable!)  Finally, I have some really cool new ideas that I am compelled to create.

Dark Eldar.  This is my Adepticon 40k tournament army.  I found out today that the rather strange army build that I have for them may have gotten a whole lot better in 6th edition.  Yea!  Plus, did I mention a Tantalus?

Chaos Dwarfs.  I will be continuing the Civil War Dwarfs, but there will also be more traditional stuff, like all the cool Forgeworld stuff that Jon has kindly set in front of me!  In the end, there could be as much as 3K of the little guys...

Not one, but TWO Lord of the Rings armies, each one with a 3D display board.  They are for Bilbo's bash in November.  Think Fortress: Rivendell (Elves/Army of the Dead) vs. Genghis Khan (Easterlings/Khand)

WFB Empire.  Lots of swordsmen, handgunners, etc., with a bunch of Forgeworld pieces.  It will be fun!

Several metric tons of 40k Forgeworld stuff.  Terminators, vehicles, you name it.  Brace yourselves is all I can say.

A Legion of Everblight army.  I need lots of warbeasts, and I have lots of Apoxy sculpt.  I think you guys know what that means...

Blood bowl teams... quantity unknown as of right now.

And a whole bunch of other stuff  which will come up here and there.  The plan is to present all this stuff in a "story format" as I have with the Tomb Kings.  I hope that it will be as much fun as the TK have been!

Sorry to drag on here, but I almost forgot.  I did not go home empty handed today!

I had 6 entries in various categories.  I managed to take home a few Silver Demons in:
Warhammer Fantasy Monster with Loq-qar the Terrible

And another with a squad of Sanguinary guard.


Also, John Shaeffer (sorry if I misspelled that!) was kind enough to give me some
'make up" Demons which I had been waiting for since 2009.  This was the year of the big cheating scandal, which affected seven categories, two of which were mine.  I had a Bronze go to Silver, and a 4th place bump up to a Bronze.

This made Babo very happy!!!!!

Once again, I can't say enough thank yous to everyone who spoke with us today.  I will do my best to keep things interesting, and be the poster child for obsessive compulsive!