Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Practice and experimentation

Last night was a bit of everything.  I was practicing the lava painting to see if I could learn some new tricks to put in the lava video.  I was trying to use less of the flourescent orange, emphasizing the mixing of magenta with standard yellow.  

Also, it was the first time I used the Badger paints for more than a brush stroke on a palette.  I was testing the ghost tints in particular, so see if they would make good glazing colors.

Using the Badger paints with a brush was great, since they are already thinned down!  I didn't have to use flow improver at all, which was cool.

I only used the very dark ghost tint on this spider.  I will be trying out some of the other ones as this moves along.  It seemed as if there was a bit of shininess... but I need to test out more colors.

I chose this type of base for the lava painting, since it is the easiest base for a newcomer to base construction.  It is also a little easier to replicate over the course of a whole army, as I am doing with this spider/Morgul Knight LOTR force!  Stay tuned for more!

Having some fun on the hardwood

Wow.  Some amazing effort by the IncrediBulls. :-)  Every time they play, you wonder how they even manage to get 5 players on the court.  Toughness personified!

Speaking of tough, these tree warriors from Raging Heroes needed to get those woodland bases I mentioned the other day.  So, I brought out the cork to position them on the base, and then some Apoxy sculpt to create some extra tree stuff for us to glaze!

These figures are slated for the glazing video.  We will be using some minimal initial layers of lighter colors, and doing the rest with all sorts of glazes and washes, including the bases!

Once the Apoxy sculpt set, I put down the sand and gravel.

I used the brown craft paint to prime the bases, since that does so well with absorbent surfaces such as cork and gravel, which regular primer has trouble covering...

Here are a few more views of the tree warriors.

After many weeks of prepping, I am getting much closer to having a full suite of minis for the various videos.  As I mentioned, there are a few of the videos that will have more than one miniature, so that you can get the most information on a given technique as possible!

This was quite the stunner.  It was so intense, all I could do at the time was slap primer and magnets on minis.

Cathy's Mom added another monkey to the family while they were here!
Stay tuned for more, including the Manticore from Raging Heroes...