Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Having fun with glazes on bases: A work in progress

Happy New Year to everyone!  Among other things today, I worked on some bases.  These were all going to have similar colors, so I set them out, and began to put down my lighter colors.  Not only would all of the shading be done with a series of glazes, I was also going to tint various parts of the bases as well.

The initial layers I painted were all very simple... some vomit brown alternating with a little Vallejo green sky.  I tried to keep it all as similar as possible, so that you could see what some glazing can do in this situation.

You can see on the right that I have a few glazing colors out... a black, a sepia, and a green.

My first glazes were more about establishing those color variations.  You can always shade darker with further layers!

Here are a few images showing these first layers.

After those colors were established, I darkened the shadow areas some more.

Just to see what I had, I painted the black around the edges of the bases.  From this point, I will go back with more middle tones  to create even more color variations.

Once I finish off those last bits, I will post the pictures for you :-)

Yar! A new day and a new year dawns...

Here's something very unusual to kick off the New Year!

Here are some Pirate themed bases, which were lots of fun to make.  Baked sculpey was a key ingredient, obviously, with lots of wood textures carved into the clay.

The coins were made by cutting polystyrene tubing with a very sharp exacto knife.

The barrel was just a cylinder of sculpey that was baked and carved into shape, while the anchor was a piece of plasticard extended with green stuff.

The cannon was the biggest challenge, with lots of pieces!  Same for the treasure chests...

This little diorama was hilarious.  And huge, as it fit a 28 mm figure on the upper deck. :-)

It was one big chunk of sculpey, with lots of extra green stuff bits.  Very fun!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!