Saturday, September 23, 2017

Flora and Fauna

Continuing the flocking process on the large hills was a challenge, as I mentioned in the last post.  I discovered that it is best to work in smaller areas at once, even though the spray adhesive doesn't "dry" per se.  

I started out with the fine dark brown flock, concentrating on natural shadow areas such as under the logs and bushes.  I then placed the heavier, green flock, working out from the larger moss clumps.

This is how I approach placing rocks on my bases and terrain, starting with the biggest and working down to the finest sand.

It was very difficult to get "in progress" images, since my hands were covered in glue and flock!  Hopefully this image helps.  It is my hope to be able to create facebook live sessions for these, now that I have gone through the testing stages.

The larger the terrain piece, the more crucial it is to vary the tones, colors and textures.  This will keep them from looking bland, but also make for some great close up shots as your infantry crosses it as well.

A few images of the nearly completed hill.  The bright lights have burned out a bit of the color, but you will see nicer images later...

This overview looks a lot different than the images from the last post... no more brown wasteland!

I did end up adding a few mats of flowers on each slope, since I had discovered a package of vine/flowers.  Those are in the butter container on the lower right hand side of the picture.

They can be pulled apart and separated, and are handy for making large sections of wildflowers.  This is a lot less expensive than trying to use the pricey flower tufts!  Wildflowers usually grow in large patches anyway.  Once again, it is all about textures and colors.

Here are all the newly flocked pieces arrayed on the table.  I can't wait for the TableWar mats to arrive, since they will make a fantastic setting for this woodland terrain.

As you can see, there are many types of trees, different heights, and the stands are shaped in different patterns too.  I have already arranged these in dozens of different ways, which means that each game/table will bring an entirely new experience.

This is the main difference between the set piece Barbarossa board and something made entirely from Scatter terrain.  While we could use most, if not all of these on the other board, I have infinite options available this way, and some easier storage/portability options.

I will also be painting a new backdrop for these types of ground level images.  My original plan was to do a bed sheet, but I think that I can create something more elaborate and interesting out of spare cardboard.  If possible, I will do a step by step on that for you as well.

This was the original vision that I had for the board well over a year ago.  Using all the things I have learned since, and all the new materials discovered, I was able to make that dream come alive!

I could not resist tossing out a few carts and wagons.  The big wagon was for our Western games, so we will stick with the carts for Bolt Action...

They might be hard to spot, but the walls are in here too.  I was very happy with how those turned out, and I look forward to using them with the buildings that I am constructing..

And now for a preview of the next post!!!  Getting water into the river.  Stay tuned!!