Friday, August 22, 2014

A storm is coming

This is one of two units of Galdrhim that were part of my Knights of the Blood Rose army.  The Werner Klocke sculpt out front is my Stormcaller.

Each unit had a variety of spears, swords, and bows.  A few also had shields.  This is something I really enjoy about Lord of the Rings.  Each individual can have a different set of weapons, which makes creating synergy between them very fun!

Another view.  The spears can be used to back up the swordsmen, which have shields.  This gives you the fighting bonus and the defensive bonus at the same time.

The high fight skill was crucial to making this all work.  In another post, I will talk about the original plan for the army, which did not stand up to repeated play testing.

Yes, you heard that right... I actually play tested lists!  Many times, in fact.  You can see the battle reports here:

The first one was played before the figures were even painted.

Originally, the Army of the Dead were going to be a big part of the Army.  This was to show just how far these guys would go to hang onto their lands.

I really liked this champion figure.  He did quite well with his might points!

This also gives you an idea of the typical formation, with the shield toting swordsmen out in front of the spears...

A touch of freehand here and there.

Pointy sticks!!!

I hope to get back to playing these guys again at some point!!

Elves that I can like

Some of you might be familiar with my Knights of the Blood Rose Lord of the Rings army.  I really had a blast with it.  I have been taking some new group shots, starting with the Cavalry.

The bases were also a lot of fun!

This combined army of the Angriest Elves in Middle Earth had speed, some hitting power, and some magic.  I even put a touch of shooting in the army, which is rare for me!

This was the unit that would often zoom around with Gwahir to pounce on hapless enemy units that had been knocked prone by a Stormcaller.

I will be showing pictures of those units soon.  It was an army that evolved a great deal over many play test sessions.  This also proved to be my most successful tournament army by far.

The Knights of the Blood Rose cleared the table of child races a number of times.  This particular group of elves had no intention of leaving Middle Earth, leaving all they had built to such creatures as men and orcs.