Monday, February 18, 2013

A loose cannon...

Here's the last of the batch of discovered images, ending with the old school psycannons.

Hot stuff...more shiny.

Time for some more shiny Grey Knights!  More reflections, too!  Here we have some old style incinerators.

The same philosophy was used to create the reflections as the previous batch.

And the Justicar...

Some shiny Grey Knights and tile floors...

It's always fun to run across some long lost images that were never even processed... getting lost in the shuffle among the many thousands which have been taken :-)  The shiny Grey Knights were always a favorite of mine, since it gave me the chance to do some reflections of my marble tile bases!

It can be a little tricky, but the end result is always rewarding!

Most of the work is in setting up the reflections, meaning that you have to create enough lights and shadows on the portions which don't reflect anything in order to get the necessary contrast.

Also, just like water reflections, it is important to remember that the reflection colors are always a bit darker and more greyed down that the original surface that you are reflecting.

More later!!!