Sunday, April 6, 2014

The results are in!

For all those out there in Wappelville who have been wondering what happened with the tournament army, the results had been tallied, and we can say Mission Accomplished!!!!!!

Of course, we brought our own crack Strike Team with us, just to be sure of this result.  Babo Protects!

Many thanks to all those who voted for me in the Player's Choice as well!  Much appreciated.

Now for some exterior views with a bit nicer lighting.
This one shows how helpful the cart was over the weekend.  It made dealing with this monstrosity quite easy.
Plenty of room for the miniatures, dice, books and so on!

The original plan was to have flying buttresses along these front walls, but as you can see by this image, there was not going to be any room for minis if I carried that plan through!

I think these views show the verticality of the cathedral... although I was glad that I did not build it any higher.

The more I see these pictures, the more I see how much impact changing an army list can have in the middle of a project.  This mostly pertains to the additional vehicles that I included in the final cut.

The Aegis Defense line also looked much better than I thought it would.  That was something I had intended to rebuild, but I ended up liking my original version!

I was also glad that I had a place to put the Command Squad and the commissar!

More side views...

A close up of the Secret Weapon tanks and the Victoria Miniatures Rough Riders.

I can't say thank you enough to Justin and Victoria!!!

The army arrayed for battle!!!

It's a long way down...

Next up, the interior!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by, check out the army and have a chat with me.  It was lots of fun, and the discussions of technique, making concepts reality, the materials and so on was a huge help in working out future projects in my head.

It meant a lot when each person stopped to drop a kind word or two along the way.  Thanks, all!

Trying to turn the tide

The final match of Doom!  This time vs Tau.  Big robot dudes.  Big shooty.  Lots of dead guys in kilts.

However, now realizing the futility of trusting in their fortifications, the Highland Guard chose the only option available.  The Final Option.


Hey, do ya wanna live forever?

Yes indeed.  The first three turns of the game, the Guard and Sisters bravely charged forward, directly into a hail of fire!

Undeterred by the screams if their fallen brothers, they surged ahead, ever closer to their hated enemy.

None even bothered to fire a shot.  It was all... "Onwards!  Give them the bayonet!!"

In reality, this action caused so much consternation among the Tau that the constant attempts to Nova- something would go haywire, causing damage to themselves.

Even the Living Saint perished with all of her Seraphim.

But not even Death itself could deter her from her final glory!!!

The dreaded master of the soulless Tau, promoting heretical beliefs across the Galaxy.  He must be purged!!!

One brave Highlander after another fell in the desperate attempt to finish off the damaged monsters.  Lady Commissar Kuranova herself challenged the cowardly leader of this horse of mutants... hiding in his armor.

Chief Medic Marley O'Sullivan was able to keep the last few survivors alive... one round of combat after another!

But alas, the wounds suffered were soon more than even his ancient powers could repair.  All would perish.  A terrible loss for the brave Highland Guard!