Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The girl on fire

Here's the mostly finished Reaper Fire Giantess.

There's more that I will add to her, but the idea was to keep the working time to a minimum.  In fact, I believe it was less than three hours.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this was a BONES mini, so much of my typical glaze techniques are not going to work out as they normally would.

I will take some more images once I have added the additional touches.

Mech madness...

So, the final batch of three Thallax!

This group completes the nine total figures, which means overall group shots are coming!

It is a bit ironic that the smallest version of the robots were tackled last.  That actually worked out well.

I chose the middle of the road sized Castellax, since the surfaces were a little larger, more broad, and I could get a handle on them initially.

I went from those to the giant Thanatars.  The legs were massively complex to deal with on those.

It made these a whole lot easier by comparison!!!