Friday, March 9, 2018

At the Gate

As much fun as it is to see an army come come together, it is even more interesting to see it placed on some appropriate terrain!  Somehow, it makes the whole collection have more impact.

I suppose putting them into an actual setting, as opposed to a generic photo backdrop  makes  it more 'believable'... especially when it comes to sci-fi figures like these Gates of Antares Isorians.

I have a number of step by step guides on painting these here:

Fortunately, the kinds of bases that I made for these Isorians matched the Warp Gate terrain pretty well!

The Gate is a terrain piece that I made for the Painting Pyramid video series, called "Building a Portal".  It is one of 5 terrain videos that were part of the series, over 100 minutes long as it takes you through the building process and even painting it too!

The glow of the weapons really stand out in this environment, which is really fun!

I am hoping to do some new terrain videos soon, since new recording equipment now makes that possible again!  While I will attempt to do some facebook live versions, I will definitely create some new YouTube versions.  These will be made available to the Patreon subscribers that pledge $5 or more.

There are a number of terrain projects under way, and it would be great to share those in video format.  I have pictorial articles on the blog, but I believe folks will get a lot more from the videos.  Here's a link to the page: