Saturday, December 5, 2015

The past lives on...

This is a very interesting circumstance, as it is a figure that both Cathy and I worked on.

Cathy had painted it many years ago, but we didn't play any games (or RPG systems) in which it would actually be used.  It ended up on a shelf for a long long time.

I ran across it a few weeks ago, and applied a few 'modern' techniques to various sections, such as weathering on the base, etc.

Cathy remembered that it was a Chronopia figure called MourningWolf.

So, enjoy a piece of yesteryear and current day!

Final Charge

The Sidhe strike again, another fantastic Celtos figure by Kev White.

I had a lot of fun with the metals on this, mixing in that triple play of golds that I have mentioned a lot lately.  That is, mixing in lots of muted greens and purples.

When there is more surface to cover, such as this figure, I like to mix in a little orange/sienna.  That is a nice contrast to some of the teal colors that I will place in areas to create more 'sparkle'.  Again, contrast is not always about how light or dark a color is in relation to another, but also about its intensity and 'temperature'.

I will try to round up some older images of this figure that I painted long long ago, and see if I can create some side by side images :-)

He's also here: