Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Raging Heroes: Kurganova sisters primed for painting...

Here's a sneak peek at the latest from Raging Heroes, which are now ready for some paint!

Both of these sets are special editions, and you will love them.

These are the Kurganova sisters, and their trusty companion Charlie!

As you have heard me mention many times, there is tons of detail here... and lots of options.  It was tough to choose from them all, but I went with these.

Also from Raging Heroes, we have the Konigsmark Sisters and Walter.  I tried to use some different options than the ones shown in the promo photos so that people can see all these options!  Again, hard to make those choices!

I will be doing some color tests on these, as I want to use some or all of these as subjects for the painting videos!  So, I am really looking forward to painting these ladies!!!

Valeria Alvaro, Iron Kingdoms RPG

I discovered some nifty old Iron Kingdoms RPG minis from Privateer Press.  I think some of these eventually were incorporated into the regular Warmachine and Hordes factions.

This is Valeria Alvaro

Smurf Tanks...

Here's a few views of some Vindicators I painted a while back.  It was very interesting, as I had to use metallic paints to match previous stuff they had painted.

That was really the biggest challenge.

Here's a few WIP images...

And a few finished images!