Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back to Angron: the view from above

We return to Angron one last time, since I spent the day working on some 'top secret' stuff. :-)

These views do give you a bit more of the bloody nature of this piece anyway!

Well, like Julia Gillard, I am a Western Bulldogs fan (still missing Brad Johnson!).  However, a buddy of ours from down under sent some Magpies wear, which meant it was time to try it on!  The scarf stayed on all day long, as it kept getting cooler and cooler in the house.

Advance Australia Fair!

The King and I... first views of the Warsphinx

OK!  The king has been completed!

Here's one last WIP image of him before he went onto the howdah.

I also finished the last few details on the base...

And then he hopped up onto his ride!  I have many more pictures on the way.

For those of you who have seen all the posts regarding the Tomb King display board I made over the summer, you will recognize the face on the back of the howdah.  It was done to tie in the Warsphinx even more tightly with the Tomb complex.

Things like the Warsphinx and Necrosphinx are a huge challenge with all the crazy quilt Tzeentch colors.  I have to constantly keep changing the palette as I move across the various sections of the armor, etc.

Even the image on the floor of the howdah appears on the base of the Tomb King's chariot, and on the display board.

I magnetized the tail, so that I could include an envenomed stinger if needed.

When I post the side views, you will see even more tie in elements to the rest of the army and the display board!  Stay tuned!!!

The whole shebang! Angron finished!

Here are the promised images of the entire set. I have some top views coming tomorrow...