Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reaper and Warmachine Inquisitor converts

Following the previous Demonhunter conversion post, we have some more minis that I substituted for Inquisitorial henchmen.  I wish I still had these ladies, which I used as Death Cult Assassins, now that you can have huge bunches of them!  I believe these Warmachine figures are from the Witch Coven of Gharlast.

This was a sage that came from the old Void game, which is probably available through Brigade models now?

Then we have a few Reaper figures that I changed a bit to work as mystics.  This one was a particular favorite of mine!

I am not sure what this guy is.  He may have been a Mordheim or Necromunda figure...

Converting non-GW figures for Inquisitor retinues

My original Demonhunters army always had at least 2, of not 4 Inquisitors with retinues.  As a result, I needed a lot of retinue figures!  I had a decent amount of official Acolytes, familiars, along with a smattering of servitors, but I definitely needed much more.  As a result, I decided to have some fun making the needed conversions from figures at hand.

Here is an example of a blood bowl player being turned into a plasma toting servitor.  There are some Empire and Tau bits in there, along with a scratch sculpted plasma cannon.  Back in the day, these guys were very nasty in a retinue where the Inquisitor had a Sage...

He caused so much damage, he even got a trophy head!

Here's another, even older, blood bowl figure with a scratch built heavy bolter.  I used random bits and plasticard to make the saw arm.

More random bits, another sculpted heavy bolter.

I had some broken Dark Age minis, which make perfect retinue figures!  I sculpted some storm bolters for these Acolytes...

These are also Dark Age minis.  Amazing what a piece of chainsword and some purity seals can do!

This one was a favorite.  Another Dark Age mini with some Sister of Battle Canoness bits and extra purity seals...

One more Dark Age figure with a Canoness bit, a Space Wolf head, and other sculpted pieces.