Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Horde

The final day of GenCon looms! 

It's been very interesting to occupy a tny space on opposite ends of the floor all weekend.   Aside from the vast distance to traverse,  there's a very different feel to each end. 

The Entrpenure Section, as it's called,  is a new area carved out of another room.  It's not until you're in the front area when you notice how much brighter everything is compared to the back of the room.

I've had lots of different miniatures with me in the dealers room,  along with plenty of BONES  minis. Those are really perfect for quick impromptu demos!

The spontaneous demos will take on an epic scale at Reapercon in a few months.   We're hoping to set up another Fort Wappel there, and who knows what kind of madness might take place! 

Many BONES minis will be harmed. ;-)