Sunday, February 16, 2014

The third time around...

OK, the last of the Marneus conversions, this time with some WIP images.
These give you a decent idea of where green stuff and brown stuff was used, etc.

The helmet was made by cutting away part of it so that I could create that Grey Knight shape.

Even more plastic bits were used on this version.

At last, some paint!

Each one of these had a very different personality.

As I looked at this one more closely, I can see that I had to replace the wax parts of the purity seals as well.  I had lots of Ultramarine symbols to get rid of!!!

Just like the other versions, this one weighed a ton.

Views from above...

More squigglers

Sorry about how that sounds :-)  Been a long day.  When I was assembling these, it did not occur to me right away that an awful lot of the weapon arm sets on these figures had the squiggly swords.

Now that I have done a half a dozen of them, it is a bit easier, but there was definitely a challenge involved.  

I suppose it's all for the best to have such a challenge, and evolve the technique a bit int the process. :-)