Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Jurassic Dead

This set of miniatures from HellDorado  was really unusual, and had some unexpected sculpting details!  I had started painting them as standard Lizardmen, but the more I worked on them, I started to realize what I thought was torn fabric or leather was skin!

Yes, they were shedding their skin.  My guess is that they might be undead lizards?  I was certainly caught by surprise, and I was forced to switch gears about 30% of the way through the process.

This is something that I have been emphasizing a lot on both my live sessions and the YouTube/Facebook live sessions.

It is also something that I have been demonstrating in the new "Army Painter" pledge levels on the Patreon page.  The idea is to construct the framework of  your lights and darks as quickly as possible, so that if you need to make some changes (especially significant ones like this adventure!), you don;t feel like you have lost a lot of working time.

That means that you will be more willing to make those adjustments, and end up with a better overall result.  You can find the Army Painter pledge on the patreon page here: