Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Lion Heart

This is a figure that I have been itching to show off for a long time.  He is from a line of miniatures created for Demigods Evolution, a strategy board game.

There are a host of fantastic characters, from a variety of races and creatures.

This impressive character is The Protector, for obvious reasons.  I have done a few unboxing posts on these figures, and those illustrate the weapon options that are typically available for each figure.

For example, I could have gone with a shield in each arm, or weapons in both hands.  There are often different weapons for the same arm, creating even more options and choices.

I did something slightly different with the snow on this base.  First, it gave me the opportunity to try out the Gamer's Grass winter shrubs.  Second, I modified the Secret Weapon products that I normally use for snow.

In addition to the usual crushed glass and realistic water mix, I added the white powder which is normally used to create mud mixtures.  This gave the snow an even more brilliant white appearance.  It was helpful on the more thinned down areas on the small branches and even on the figure itself.

I absolutely LOVED the lion motif on this, and the back of the cloak was incredibly fun to paint!

Each character has a significant back story, which I will pass along to you in the next post.  You can see more of the fantastic miniatures on their facebook page:

This image shows you how large he is!  He certainly towers over all his enemies!!

He's also here: