Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We won't take any Bull

Here's another look back at my 2012 Civil War Dwarf team tournament army.

I made two units of Bull Centaurs, mostly scratch built.

I used plastic bull figures from a craft store, Ogre Kingdoms bits, and lots of Aproxy Sculpt!

Here's a post showing how they were constructed:

You can probably tell from those images that I abandoned the Ogre banner for my own printed versions.  As with everything else in this army, I had to match what my partner had done with his army.

He had created a ton of printed banners for his Iron Brigade, so that meant I needed to mirror that.
It was still very fun!

These units were mostly for flavor... since what respectable Confederate army would not have JEB Stuart?

I am hoping to get back to these and do much more finishing detail on the figures.

In the meantime... the Wretched Alliance of Appomattox continues!

A thin blue line

Time for one of the bigger group shots of the horsies!

More are still to come...

But this gives you a little idea of what they look like together!

I want to try to make some movement trays for them (these are already magnetized), but I have never gotten any info on how they would be ranked up in a game.

I based them all individually so that it would be easier to paint them, and deal with them as a whole.

It's scary to see these pictures!

It's been a long time in the making...

Aside from my skeleton horses for the Tomb King army, this is by far the largest batch of horses I have ever done!

I painted eight horses for my Khandish chariots, but it still does not match this herd!

Wait until I add a dozen more to this mob!