Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Setting the mood with your basing...

I have a few more examples of bases for you tonight.  These marble bases are done in the usual method of baked sculpey broken and carved into shape.

These bases are not all that different in shape and texture, but the colors can really give you a different feel, don't they?  Of course I always have fun painting marble, and do that any chance that I get! :-)  I guess that is what I like so much about this type of basing.  It allows me to turn each miniature into its own little diorama.

'Building' a better base...

 Today's base designs were created with two very different materials.  The first set, ruined buildings, was made with baked sculpey.  I took pieces of sculpey that were roughly 1/8th inches thick.  I carved the brick texture and the cracks to get the texture.  The free standing walls were made separately, so that I had the option of placing them where needed, or not at all if there was not enough space.  Some paper clips were used for rebar...

These images give you an idea of how they looked before they were cast..

Some painted views:

This set was sculpted using a 2 part clay called Apoxy sculpt..

So, we have some interesting bases with a very different look, using materials that are ideal for each situation.

The snakes from above...


Here we have some top views of the snake unit.  The two columns are magnetized, so that they can be removed and placed on the display board.