Tuesday, November 11, 2014

As we remember...

So, a little Veteran's Day/Armistice Day special for you, courtesy of Memoir '44.

The miniatures are not meant to be in scale with each other, as they are only representative of units, not individual tanks/infantry.

Here you see a set of Pacific Theatre theme figures. 

Now to the Western Front...

US Marines and Aussies in the forest.

A unit of Americans holding a town.

Memoir is obviously a hex based game.  We decided to create actual terrain hexes, as it made a huge difference in game play.  Its far easier to recognize what kind of terrain situations you are dealing with, and for those who have seen the battle reports, you know it make s huge cinematic difference as well.

More US figures, with Mediterranean Theater tossed in...

I have had all kinds of fun painting the various units in these specialized color scheme.  It's a training exercise for further forays into historical miniatures! :-)

I also enjoyed painting the cavalry units, as well as the early war French.  We have also painted them as Polish and Italian units, as you see by the ruined church.

As I close here, I want to say thanks to all the vets out there.  They sacrifice so that I can paint little pieces of plastic, resin, and metal.  My gratitude forever.

How do you stop a rhino from charging?

You take away his credit card, of course!  Yeah... it's late. :-)

A new type of critter from Mierce Miniatures.

The base is 60mm, so that gives you an idea of size!

More of these big boys to come...