Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Music Man

To those who don't already know, a good portion of this Chaos Knight unit was painted with oils, with the final details completed with acrylics once they were dry.

When you are working on a large number of figures that have very similar colors, using the oil paints can be very handy!  The ability to still be able to wet blend new layers of paint into those applied one or two days before is a tremendous advantage when trying to match colors!

I have said this many times before, but now that more people are seeing this idea of oil painting, there are some misconceptions about why you would use this medium.

When people ask me how to get oil paints to dry faster, I always say: "I use acrylics instead".  The whole point of these is the longer drying time, and that ability to turn each of the figures themselves into a wet palette!

I was even seeing some people claim that I wanted them to have a different look, etc., which is definitely not the case.  To make that point, I painted the last one of this unit entirely in acrylics, and it looked just like all the others.

The process itself is not all that different, since I still use glazing when I am working with oils.  I may not remove as much paint as I do with the acrylics, where I am wiping away layers of glazing with a sponge.  For obvious reasons, that is just not possible with the oils, since the underlying layers are still wet.

I hope this all makes sense!  Now that we are back from GenCon, I can start diving back into my oils again!!  Stay tuned...