Saturday, December 27, 2014

One more look at the termies

One more set of Terminator shots!

The eggshell versions of the Grey Knights were very interesting.  I have painted them slate and red many times, so this was fun!

The bases, as always, were a blast!

There are many articles on how those were made in the basing techniques section of the blog.

I didn't often get a chance to use these guys.  The army I made had barely any Grey Knight elements...

I really enjoyed the assassins and other retinue stuff.

I will have some images of an interesting future project tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Winter fun

Another Privateer Press lady messing around in the snow.  Ironically enough, plenty of the white stuff is falling outside right now!

Hopefully it does not complicate the return trip too much!

Cheers to everyone!