Saturday, March 22, 2014

Plasma totin' priest

It's a bummer that there just were not enough points to squeeze in these Ministorum Priests and Astropaths.  That would have been very fun... potentially plaid robes on these guys! :-)

Right now, they are in the colors of my original much loved Demonhunters army.  You can see a number of posts in that section of the blog to show how these worked in my various retinues.

In fact, they still have their coded bases, which let everyone know what they were meant to be.
Since it could have gotten very confusing, each base was labeled with the words Mystic, Sage, Acolyte and so on.

This made it clear for both players, and it was a nice decorative element on the marble bases!

He is also here:

Four of a kind

I was in need of a quad gun for the Aegis Defense Line, so that meant either breaking out the polystyrene tubing or finding s few bits. Rich and AJ happened to have four autocannon bits between them, so out came the knives!

With a little sculpey and a little plasticard, it took shape and then was complete!

I magnetized the base so that it could fit on this stand that I am working on, just in case people don't want it to go on the fortification itself.  You will see what I mean when I post the painted images of it...