Saturday, February 15, 2014

More fun with Marneus.

Remember when I said I had sliced and diced that very solid and very pewter Marneus Calgar figure for 3 different conversions?  Here is the second one!

I do like the way it turned out though.  Lots of bits, lots of pinning, lots of green stuff (which is almost entirely hidden.  I don't have the WIP images of this (probably because I was also trying to smash my face into a wall at the same time!)

I think the next one does have WIP images of the converting process.

A close up of the base...

Who put this here?

Darn cannons keep blasting all the pillars.  Busts those buggers up, and we keep tripping over them!

Talk about running with scissors.

More fun with Sky Earth Non Metal Metallics!  As I have mentioned on the previous posts, I have had a lot of fun painting this effect with different colors.  For instance, most of the blades have mixtures of purplish gray, blue grey, sky blue, a bit of off white tinted yellow, muted greens... and even some yellow here and there if the hat feather is close enough!

Sort of like this fellow. :-)