Saturday, May 3, 2014

Broken tank? That's terrain!!

For those of you who saw the pre-Adepticon posts showing the unboxing of the Ruined Tank from Secret Weapon Miniatures, I finally have some painted images for you!

This set of three resin pieces replicates a destroyed Leman Russ tank very well.  Like all Secret Weapon resin, you don't have to scrub and soak it in cleaner!  Yea!

The three pieces are really cool, and offer you a lot of fun little painting areas that means you can customize it to your army.

They are also scaled up very nicely to regular 28mm figures, so they make fantastic terrain, or as a marker for a destroyed vehicle (which is still terrain!)

This turret is more than tall enough for someone to stand behind for cover.

The other hull pieces are just as good for terrain...

I have some more images coming of a whole squad of Highland Moss Guard hanging out inside the ruined tank... stay tuned!!!