Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monster Mash

There were many fun and different things that happened while we were at World Expo Chicago, like painting in the Badger airbrush booth, getting to see the Reaper folks, and meeting some of the other dealers.  

Directly across from the Badger booth were some very interesting movie monster busts, made by Black Heart Models.  George asked me if we painted many busts, and I told him that I hadn't had a chance to paint one yet.

Lo and behold, there were suddenly a few of his fantastic busts on the table, and I was hitting them with the airbrush for various demos.

This is the bust that I painted during the seminar, showing how the airbrush could be used for my normal "Shaded Basecoat" phase.  Once those early layers and colors have been applied, it's time to glaze and tint over the top of them.

That's what I did to finish off this Frankenstien bust.  These are the smaller busts, a new range that is expanding.  The original busts were life sized, which are really amazing to see!  Who knows... perhaps one day I might get to paint one of those colossal heads!!

Here's a link to the website:

For now, we have Frankenstien.